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We present Origen, a new collaboration to create our 02; this time with Quinta da Muradella. But what better than its owner José Luis Mateo and Andrés Conde to tell us about it.

This Christmas we want you to enjoy the best wines accompanied by your family and friends.

That is why we put at your disposal these lots, selected with great care from our cellar fund.


Wines chosen by Andrés Conde, with a primary objective, the minimum intervention in the vineyard and winery. Always looking for the excitement and pleasure of drinking them; in short, wines to share.


Driven by the land and the vintage, being a true reflection of its producer. Worked in the most natural and traditional way possible and respecting the environment.


Transmit, promote and bring natural wines, many of them difficult to access, to as many people as possible, establishing a close relationship between the winegrower and the client.


We travel, drink and personally select the wines before offering them to our customers, direct contact with the winegrower is essential for us.


Natural wines are those obtained with the minimum possible intervention.

The process of making the wines, both in the cultivation of the vineyard and in the obtaining of the grapes and of course in the process of elaboration in the winery must be carried out without the use of chemicals.

However, natural wines are much more, they are a philosophy of creation and the love of a centuries-old profession focused on obtaining unique special aromas and flavors.

We must distinguish natural wines from organic wine, the latter is made with grapes from organic farming but could be made using techniques and additives within legal limits.

Although there is no legal definition, the various producers of natural wines present a cohesion in their style and philosophy of creating the wine. The defense of a less interventionist production when it comes to growing and making wine.


These wines are made using the philosophy of not adding or removing anything from the grape, the raw material must be unique and no external chemical is used. That is why producers always work with their own biodynamic grape harvests that ensure a low intervention wine at 100% that complies with the canons to be called natural wine.

The originality in the production will make you enjoy unique aromas, the flavor of the origin, of the vintage, direct from the grape to the palate. And it is that they are wines that can be considered alive, not only because of being able to see a lot of mother and bubbles that the wine itself creates, but because the more time passes, the better its flavor will be, some experts consider that there are wines that after 40 or 50 years is when they will reach their maturity and maximum expression.