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Julien Crinquand

Julien Crinquand.

Julien settles in Les Arsures where he takes care of 5 ha of vineyards in Arbois, inherited from his father and grandfather. The vines are divided into 3 sectors: bodines, mailloche and verleule.
It works with the traditional grape varieties of the Jura, Savagnin Chardonnay, Trousseau, Pinot and Poulsard. 2/3 white 1/3 red.
Julien was not immediately destined to take over the family vines, the grapes of which had historically been sold to the Arbois fruit farm.
After having gone through selling insurance and trips to Cuba, he returned in 2016 attracted by the vine that marked the vacations of his youth.
He helps his father, as well as Philippe Bornard and Fabrice Dodane, his mentors, thanks to Fabrice we were able to meet Julien and he was an immediate crush.
In 2017 he obtained a BTS Oeno-Viti and then worked at the Domaine de Saint Pierre with Fabrice Dodane.
Since the 2019 vintage, he has been flying alone, to the delight of lovers of lively and precise wines from the Jura.