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Abel mendoza

In the first place, we would like to explain who Abel Mendoza is to us, beyond one of the great national winemakers, he is a great friend, Andrés Conde's friendship with Maite and Abel Mendoza has been forged over the last few years and always with the common nexus of wine, becoming the Mendoza couple, the godparents of Andrés' daughter.

When we created Unicorn Wines, about two years ago, we always had a clear idea, to carry out parallel projects where we could offer our clients something stimulating, different, novel and far from the conventional.

This is how the Unicorn Project arises, always under the common nexus of wine, we want to show different wines made hand in hand with vignerons of the Unicorn family and of course friends, wines that pose a challenge both for them and for us.

The first wine, 01, will be a wine with skin maceration made in La Rioja, specifically in San Vicente De La Sonsierra, with the Abel Mendoza Winery.


During the pandemic, it arose naturally, Abel called Andrés to talk about some grapes he had and see what they could do, Andrés's response was quick, “a wine made from natural skins maceration”

So with the approximately 900 kg of grapes: Viura, Torrontes, Malvasía, Garnacha; They started, creating a wine with skin maceration, whole cluster, a not very long maceration, about 12 days but leaving the paste of the wine for a while, aged in Stainless Steel.

We find Abel's style in the wine, wines with matter, with body, with acidity. Awarded for his great work in the vineyard, but here we find another step, a breakthrough, taking the wine further to the limit, nothing sulfurous at the entrance of the grape, neither in the press, nor in aging, nor in the bottling.

Getting what we wanted, a great white wine, macerated with skins, natural and in Rioja.

Without a doubt, an achievement that could not have been achieved without the effort and passion of Abel Mendoza and his wife Maite.

We hope that this project is also yours, and those of you who know us, you will imagine that we are not going to stop here, we are already working on what will be the 02 and 03 of this Unicorn project.


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