Unicorn wines

Milan nestarec

Milan Nestarec has quickly become the star winemaker of the Czech Republic, during the time that we have been working with him, more than 6 years ago, when they began to talk to us about him, which led us to take the car and direct us to your winery.

Their wines show so much life, vitality and originality, that they have become highly sought after all over the world in a very short time, without a doubt a breath of fresh air that served to turn the gaze on the wines of the countries of this.

We are honored to have been working with your wines since 2015.

The wines we sell now represent the complete evolution of their original vision: a full range of wines, from accessible, yet energetic and inexpensive wines, such as the sharp knives (fork and knives) and liter bottles of Nach and Bel, to wines Astonishingly expressive fermented with skin, made entirely without added sulfur.

Milan's father planted 8 hectares of vines in 2001 in two wine-growing municipalities: Moravský Žižkov and Velké Bílovice. Milan studied oenology with Aleš Kristančič from Movia, where he learned a lot about the delicate art of making skin-fermented white wines.

Herbicides are not used and the vine is worked in an ecological way. He believes that gentle methods of growing the vine and processing the grape give the best result. All the wines from the winery ferment spontaneously and are usually vinified in oak and acacia barrels.

Milan says: “The cuvées that come from our winery reflect the good and bad characteristics of the people who helped make them. They don't ask for compliments or praise from anyone.

At first they may be closed, but once they have had time to open up they become very expressive and loyal, there is no going back.

So, let's raise our glasses - na zdraví!