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Franz Strohmeier is a visionary natural winemaker working in the part of Steiermark, known as the “Green Heart” of Austria. Since 2004 Franz and Christine have been working with great determination to produce only natural wines, free of any additives.

Franz is a very philosophical winemaker, who is never content to make wines like the establishments that surround him. He always tries to make the decisions that express his terroir in the most natural way. He is constantly playing with his 8 hectares of vineyards to find better and more natural methods. 

He makes wines that are unlike anything we have ever tasted, a true sample of the unique terroir of this region. Through experience and observation, Franz determines that the vibration of the wine is defined by symbiosis.

At the top of the vineyard there is a small old winery. This decrepit building houses some of Austria's oldest bottled wines. Historically, the wines of this region were sold cask to local pubs, making older bottles highly sought after.

At Unicorn we propose vintages with years like Karmin 2015 or Indigo 2016 along with the latest arrivals like their Frizzante 2020 or their new cuvee nueva Roter Frizzante 01.

Our relationship with Franz and Cristina is wonderful, we will always remember when they put their »brother» Hans Peter from Mythopia in our path.