Unicorn wines

Nicolas Jacob

Nicolas Jacob labeled his first bottles in 2017, the reference vintage 2015. Certainly, from that moment on, a very high level of curiosity has been created on the Jura Lovers circuit.

Nicolas, originally from the Jura region, took his first steps from Macle and then because he trained as the right-hand man of Jean Francois Ganevat.

He also wants his wines to immediately recall that Ganevat style, even more deeply. Or because in its current 4 hectares, partly also in Rotalier, it has managed to recover some "wild" vineyards, which are no longer cared for by the old winemakers in the area, but which undoubtedly add some intrigue to the wines.

And it is that the few bottles available are increasingly difficult to obtain and are becoming more and more convincing with each new vintage.

We are therefore talking about a young boy, with a bright future ahead of him, and with all the characteristics to enter the hearts of all Jura fans.