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Haut planty

Haut Planty is located in the middle of the Muscadet Sevre et Maine vineyards, between the gentle Loire Valley that receives fresh air from the Atlantic.

The farm is located on the best slopes in the town of La Landreau. Michel Couillaud took over in the 1960s and gradually transformed his father's estate into vineyards. Her two sons. Christian and Alain, witnessed their father's winemaking work since childhood and have now taken over the winery. They both respect family traditions very much and combine them with modern techniques to make the best possible wines.
They continuously work to convert the entire estate into organic farming. The vines are found in the best terroirs of Coteaux du Landreau. Transformation into organic farming The vineyards extend around 20 hectares of land, and approximately 50% of the total farm has now been transformed into organic farming.
The terroir is composed of a sandy and clayey soil that is perfect for growing vines. The main grape varieties grown here are Burgundy Melon, Folle Blanche, Abouriou, Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.
These are used to make their organic red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines. The family does all the work on its own and organic practices are used as much as possible.
This helps preserve the environment and allows the wines to retain their natural flavor and freshness. Fertilizers are not added to the soil and no sulfites are added to the wine.