Unicorn wines

Domaine Montbourgeau

The vineyards of L'Étoile they are found between steep hills surrounded by vegetation and trees. Its soils are mainly limestone, with a lot of marine fossils, among them sea stars, which is why the name of the appellation, L'Étoile means star in French, and they give that particularity to the wines of the appellation.

Nicole Deriaux of Domaine de Montbourgeau began his viticultural life under the auspices of his grandfather, whose winemaking legacy dates back to the 1920s.

All the vineyards are close to the estate and within the L'Etoile appellation, although however it does not apply to all wines, there being some under the Côtes du Jura appellation for reds, Cremant du Jura for sparkling wines, O Arbois for wine. Vin Jaune