Unicorn wines


The Mythopia Winery in the Swiss Alps can be considered a kingdom of nature, in the small town of Arbaz, it is where Romaine and Hans-Peter Schmidt have settled, to practice their ideal vision of biodiversity and a balanced ecosystem.

At 800 m above sea level, on calcareous soil, they have converted the vineyard into a kind of “garden” for the vineyards.

From day one they rejected the use of any herbicide or pesticide, and instead planted trees, flowers, plants, installed hives, many stones for the lizards, grew fruits and vegetables between the rows.

Increasing and enriching biodiversity, reactivating the soil, returning this complex balance to the terroir, to always achieve more quality and aromas in the fruit.

Nature seemed to have been waiting for its impulse to start blooming again. No tillage in the vineyard, very little intervention, just letting nature grow according to its balance.

In the winery they favor a very long aging in barrels, without any unnecessary intervention. Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Sylvaner or Rèze shine with a rare purity, very expressive.

We have visited Hans more than five times in recent years, each time more impressed with what he has created in Valais, always true to his philosophy, “wines made from grapes and air”.

Without a doubt, Mythopia is a reference in natural wine, Hans has an encyclopedic knowledge of the use of CO2, herbicides, sulfur and how all this can affect the earth. He has participated in different trials with very prestigious universities and has been applying his knowledge to the land in recent years, it is a wonder to walk through its grounds and see the number of species of butterflies that live there.

Meditation wines, to be enjoyed with as much respect as Romaine and Hans-Peter have put into their making.

By way of advance, comment that before the COVID pandemic, we were able to visit Hans in Mijas, what were we doing there? Very easy answer, the next Mythopia project will be located in some vineyards of Mijas, which we were lucky to visit and learn about the future development of this project, where Unicorn Wines will be involved, always with the aim of being able to offer you the best natural wines available in the market.